No Arms, No Legs, No Worries.

Think the odds are stacked against you? Here is a man with no arms and no legs, but armed with faith and humor, he has succeeded as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. A must watch!

Despite scoliosis and Parkinson’s, man, 88, stays motivated with aerobics, cycling

John Mathews can't hold himself upright when standing. He walks hunched over and has a shuffling gait due to Parkinson's. But the physical ailments do not keep him from his love of fitness. Read article.

Agatha Christy Wrote Even With Alzheimer’s

A new study appears to prove that Agatha Christy wrote mysteries even after she began suffering from Alzheimer’s. Listen to this podcast.

Former teacher just graduated from university in Ghana–aged 99.

“Education has no end,” he told CNN. “As far as your brain can work alright, your eyes can see alright, and your ears can hear alright, if you go to school you can learn.” Read this article.

Alzheimer’s man to tackle around loch canoe trip

A 77-YEAR-old man diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease intends to undertake a marathon canoe trip around Loch Ness. Read this article.