Humor in Azheimer's Treatment

Humor in Alzheimer's treatment

Back to the mind-over-brain thing in Alzheimer’s treatment.
I saw an old friend yesterday and we caught each other up on our families. I told him I recently lost my brother-in-law to brain cancer. He said he was about to lose his sister to the same. Then he shared how his sister—who has a month or two left to live and is tired as can be—blurted out a couple days ago that “There are just so many fun things left to do.” No self-pity; no giving up despite the shortness of time. Her mind is winning over her dying brain.
I am deeply humbled by this woman’s attitude. I want to think like her—to take what’s left in the glass and drink it! Yet here I am with probably years left to live, claiming to be getting the upper hand on this Alzheimer’s caregiving business, but feeling devoid of creative ideas for living, for laughing, for loving.

I need help making a list. I have to have a bunch of small stuff, because the big stuff like going to a play or out to dinner or hang gliding don’t work with both parents. I just want some ideas for bringing laughter into our home.

To start, here are some little things that make Mom laugh:

    Dancing for her with a feather boa.
    Episodes of “I Love Lucy.”
    Singing raucous songs loudly.
    Pretending to eat her up.
    Laughing babies (like this youtube one):

Here are some things that make Dad laugh:

    Pretending to eat him up.
    Episodes of The Colbert Report.
    Mom when she’s in a funny mood.

And here are some new things I’m going to try:

    Wear a fake mustache to the dinner table.
    Spray whipped cream on Dad’s nose.
    Put a fake snake or tarantula in the bathroom before Dad goes in.
    Find a DVD of Victor Borge (like this youtube):

I’d love to hear your ideas, and I’ll leave you with this fun project: make a muppet like the one in the introductory picture above to add some fun to your Alzheimer’s caregiving.
Wait, here’s another idea: make these funky glasses. They crack everybody up!