Are you afraid of ending a relationship that came to the end of its course? Are you scared of breaking someone’s heart more than staying happy and healthy? Yes, breaking up with a partner isn’t easy by no means, especially if they still love you. But is staying with someone despite your needs worth it?

Together with bebemur, we want to present you with all possible strategies for ending a relationship.

Ten steps for properly ending a relationship:

1. Realize why and for what reasons you want to end a relationship.

Sometimes connections go through a crisis we think is inevitable and irreversible. However, if you think deeply enough, you might find out that this setback is another milestone, not a reason to end things up. But if you are positive about the need to break off the relationship, let's get to another step.

2. Listen to your heart

As cringy as it sounds, no one is a better advisor than yourself. Sometimes people go to their friends or family to converse on the topic of ending a relationship. However, it is a tricky path because no one besides you knows better what was going on in that connection. In this regard, do what you feel is right, not what people say.

3. Stop feeling guilty

Why do you always feel guilty for following your heart? If you think that this connection doesn't have a chance to continue, stop beating yourself for cooling off before your partner does. It is a miraculous act when both parties simultaneously decide to end the relationship. Since you're not in a dream, forget about being guilty and concentrate on your feelings. It is not selfish to put yourself first. Why? Because by continuing a connection and faking affection, you are only making the matter worse.

4. No excuses

If you have decided to leave the relationship, respect yourself enough not to sugarcoat or give in to the feeling of guilt. No last sex, no staying together because of someone's suicide attempts or blackmailing. If your partner tends to be clingy or abusive, imagine all the possible outcomes before it gets too late. Remember that finding excuses and justifying your behavior will get you nowhere. You are not guilty in the first place.

5. Verbalize your focal points

Before breaking it off with a partner, come up with a better idea than the "it's not you, it's me" agenda because it sounds terrible and fake. If your partner's started to openly irritate you, be brave enough to verbalize it. And even if you don't have a specific excuse for breaking it off, at least you can openly say that things are not going great in your opinion.

6. Don't wait for too long

The more you wait, the more you give your partner time to suspect you in weird behavior. Once you have decided to have "the talk," it's time to invite the second party to it.

7. Set your boundaries

Decide what behavior is unacceptable when breaking up. If they start to verbally harass or abuse you, don't think they have a right just because you feel too guilty. You are still a human who made a decision.

8. Do it in real life

Even if you are too scared, don't break up over a text. Invite your soon-to-be ex-partner for a talk (somewhere private.)

9. Explain your reasons

Start with the main point and follow up with additional arguments why you should break up and what you think is better to continue separately. You might be thrown off by the partner's emotions. But put yourself in their place and imagine how shocking it might be to hear that for the first time. However, stay strong and avoid succumbing to manipulations.

10. Stay strong

Maintain no contact. Even if your partner tends to be hysterical or aggressive, don't fall back and feed them bread crumbs because of the guilt trip. Since you have explained everything, there is no need to give in too many details. Remain no contact before things go smooth again.