Who did you play on the show?

What is his name, my God, I forgot? The leader of one of the tribes of the Wildlings, the Thenns. His name is Styr, they also call him Magnar, that is, “the leader” - it came from some old Scandinavian language or something.

What about the books?

I haven’t read the books.

Even when you found out that you’ll be a part of the series?

I do not like to read books! Just kidding, I just wasn’t interested in reading the books, they are somewhat different after all.

When was the main part of the shooting process?

In the summer and autumn.

But wasn’t there supposed to be winter at all times?

Not always. Something we filmed some scenes inside, something outside. The television industry is truly gigantic there, in the U.S. It’s far bigger than the Russian industry. Although, you know, I watched the opening of the Olympics in Sochi, and it was quite good as well. Just fantastic, well done. One of my friends had a part in creating the opening package for the Olympics. But that is a special occasion that is financed by the government, when Game of Thrones is basically, just another show on the TV.

Do you have a favorite character on the show?

I have quite a few characters that I like! I mean, one of the main reasons why the show is so popular is that there are many great characters? There are so many of them and all of them are so detailed and great. And their faiths, their stories, they are like some Shakespeare-level storytelling! If I have to pick one, then my favorite, of course, will be Tywin Lannister. He was so charismatic. Joffrey was also great.

Yes, many people hate him, but the character is strong.

He is so bad, he is such an asshole, he is so mean! And at the same time, the actor was perfect for the role. In life, Jack is completely different – he is a nice young guy, however, he was perfect, he was amazing.

Most prefer John Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

Well, of course, they are the romantic heroes of the story. Although, after the release of "Breaking Bad", the standards of the TV and movie characters have changed. The line between the hero and the anti-hero was worn out. It is a very interesting time to be a movie fan, the characters are so complex and quite a bit more intriguing than they’ve used to be. Some stereotypes, of course, remained in place: chicks love handsome guys like John Snow, men love smoking hot girls like Daenerys. Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Do you remember your first impressions when you came to the Games of Thrones set?

Of course, I was euphoric. But there was no time to relax because I was still a part of another project that I was shooting in Russia. It was very hard, yet it happened. Other actors from the "GoT" didn’t really understand how I managed to do both of the projects. They did not understand how to work on two projects at the same time. But when I was approved for the Game of Thrones, I already started acting in another project, so I’ve had no choice.

What was that side project?

It was called The Seventh Rune, and it was a mystical thriller. In general, because of my schedule, I wasn’t really able to do my best in that project, I was so busy, I rarely ever had time to relax.

You starred in the movie called "Intimate Parts", where, among other things, you appeared completely naked. Did your mother see the movie?

Yes! In fact, she had a birthday on the day of the premiere, and I called during the premier and asked the audience to applaud her. She was very pleased, I think. And she liked the movie. The aspect of being naked doesn’t really bother me. It seems to me that there is this strange taboo about appearing naked on the big screen. I do not see anything wrong with that.