Richard Taylor on the Stigma of Alzheimer’s

No one is a “half person.” Here is Richard Taylor: a man, a PhD, an Alzheimer’s sufferer, a whole person.

Full of life - the six-year-old girl who has had three hearts

Now she is in training for her school sports day next week - and determined to do well. Read more.

Man Diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Running for President

Antanas Mockus, a former phisolophy and mathematics professor, then mayor of Bogota, Colombia was recently diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Now he's running for the presidency. His unusual policies as mayor include hiring mimes to show pedestrians and drivers how to behave; taking a shower on TV to show citizens how to save water; and mooning rioters.
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Harvie Krumpet — Claymation Teaches a Lesson in Living

Amazing 88-Year Old Mayor of Mississauga

Nicknamed “Hurricane Hazel,” this 88-year old mayor of Mississauga still plays hockey, for Pete’s sake!