Dad and Mom

Dad and Mom

This site is my personal journey toward discovering the causes and meaning of Alzheimer’s and other dementias. My sister and I are stay-at-home daughters caring for a mother with end-stages Alzheimer’s and a father with (as far as the docs can tell) Parkinson’s disease. Dad passed away in 2010, but Mom is still with us today. Both (actually, all four of us) suffer(ed) from dementia, but are at different stages and exhibit quite differently.

I am of the firm belief that we all live with imperfect brains, and am therefore fascinated by the ways the brain still works despite the damage it suffers. I also believe that “mind” supercedes “brain” in many ways, and am curious about how a person’s attitude in life can dramatically affect the workings of the brain. I see these things daily in the lives of my parents. I see them in my own life-when my brain functions at its peak or refuses to do so at all, and to the degree that I choose to be thankful for the circumstances of life-whatever those may be.

This blog is an attempt to learn from this journey by writing about it. It is also an attempt to learn by soliciting feedback from you who are likewise living with a failing brain and a fighting mind and the ability to control one with the other.

I hope you find this blog to be a respite site. You can come here and I will stand guard and protect you from the stigma-tazers.

Me, in 7 Minutes

P.S. You can get a glimpse into our family’s background by visiting my 1966 Trip blog which gives an account of our trip in a van with seven kids down the as-yet-unfinished Panamerican Highway in 1966.